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It is so important that you remember to organize every fine detail of your wedding right down to transport for guests. At Wigan Minibus Hire, we have a range of different luxurious vehicles that would suit such an occasion in the town. There are many beautiful places to get hitched in Wigan, from Ashfield House, The Bellingham Hotel, Haigh Hall, and more. A coach or minibus is ideal if there are some guests who do not know the area of Wigan very well and want to ensure they get to the venue safely. You can expect many amenities onboard that will ensure your journey is an enjoyable one.

Weddings Minibus Hire has many professional drivers with extensive knowledge of the area. Your driver will be at the pickup point before the agreed time and make as many pickups as necessary along the way. We have a great reputation with customers and would be happy to assist you in whatever way possible for the big day. Please get in touch with us today, we will provide you with a quote and we can take the process from there.

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Weddings minibus hire

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