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Minibus Hire With Driver Wigan

When you want to enjoy a great day out with your nearest and dearest, the dedicated driver service that is supplied by Wigan minibus hire with driver is the perfect option. The driver is fully at your disposal, no matter where you want to go.

Located in the Greater Manchester area, to the northwest of the great town, and situated on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Wigan, a historical shopping town, has a wonderful past and comprehensive modern-day facilities. The profusion of green areas and waterways in the area also adds to its appealing flavour.

Wigan’s biggest, single attraction is the famous ‘Wigan pier’, which is a bit of a misnomer in that it is really a collection of canal-side warehouses that have been restored to their former glory to retell Wigan’s trading days on the waterway. There are several attractions here, but the Wigan Heritage Centre takes centre stage with its brilliant permanent exhibitions including a reconstructed 19th-century schoolroom, with period costumed actors.

Also part of the pier is the Trencherfield mill, complete with the world's largest working mill steam engine and massive flywheel. There is even a pier master at the Heritage Centre and canal boat rides run visitors up and down the canal all day.

Wigan’s shopping options are another of its unique attractions, with Victorian shopping arcades rubbing shoulders with fancy new shopping centres and galleries. Wigan also offers several green areas where visitors can enjoy a picnic and the surrounding countryside is also enticing enough to want to explore. Wigan minibus hire with a driver is also the ideal way to enjoy a night out on the town. Entertainment options in Wigan are also quite good, with the Ritz Film Centre and plentiful restaurants, pubs, and clubs. The Swan & Railway, between the Wigan North Western and Wigan Wallgate train stations, is a local your Minibus Hire With Driver Wigan from 8,12,16,24, seater minibuses to 24,25,27 33,49 seater coaches.

Minibus Hire With Driver Wigan

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